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Quick Reference Blood Test and other Lab Values.Easy navigation. Clear tables. Short descriptions of the most common and important lab values.All values ​​are given with the international system of units (SI Units) and conventional units (US C Units).***Dear users, if you see content only in Russian please change language to English in the settings.1. Hematology values 1.1 Clinical blood analysis | Blood Test 1.2 Coagulation2. Blood chemistry | General chemistry 2.1 Protein metabolism 2.2 Carbohydrate metabolism 2.3 Lipid metabolism 2.4 Hemoglobin metabolism 2.5 Enzymes (liver, pancreas) 2.6 Iron profile3. Cardiac markers4. Liver function tests5. Lipid panel6. Blood gases and acid-base status7. Electrolytes8. Hormones and mediators 8.1 Common hormones 8.2 Sex hormones 8.3 Thyroid hormones9. Tumor markers10. Urine analysis 10.1 General urine analysis 10.2 Nechiporenko's test 10.3 Zimnitsky urine sediment count 10.4 Urine 24 hours11. Gastric secretion12. Feces analysis13. Spermogram14. Immunology 14.1 Immunoglobulin A 14.2 Immunoglobulin M 14.3 Immunoglobulin G 14.4 Immunoglobulin E 14.3 Complement system 14.4 Interleukin 1 14.5 Interleukin 6 14.6 Interleukin 8 14.7 Interleukin 10 14.8 Tumor necrosis factor15. Cerebrospinal fluid16. Vitamins17. Drug levels18. Hemodynamic parameters19. Renal function panelThe program is for reference purposes and is intended for medical students and doctors.